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The Cupertino based maker of cheap cellphones, Apple has filed a trademark infringement suit against Korean car maker Hyundai. The suit filed at the Jabberwocky District Court in Washington claims that Hyundai has “slavishly” tried to use the letter “i” in one of their product lines.

The products in question are Hyundai’s new car range which consists of products like the i10, i20 and i30. According to a statement from Apple;

“It us beyond us as to why Hyundai chose to use the letter “I” in one of their mass produced, cheap car product lines. It is a well-known fact that ever since the creation of the English writing system, the letter i was the exclusive property of Apple. We request Hyundai to either rebadge these products to another brand name or pay Apple damages”

At the time of writing this, Apple has not made it public as to what sort of alternatives they were looking for should Hyundai refuse to budge to Cupertino’s demand to change the brand.

In the meantime, a Hyundai spokesperson we contacted said;

“While it is true that our brand names are inspired from Apple, it is absolutely frivolous on part of Apple to blame us for copying their brand name. We are Koreans and we have not been taught English in primary school. By the time we learn the language fully, most of us would be at the point of retirement from our professions. That however isn’t the point of contention here. The assumption that Apple has a birthright on everything that starts with the letter “i” is absolute rubbish and is a custom mainly followed by American companies.”

He went on..

“In fact, it is perfectly ok for anyone outside the US to manufacture a product and brand it according to their choice. Look at China. In this case, our chairman was listening to music on his iPod and loved the product. He was so inspired, he called a general body meeting immediately to start a new line up of products that start with “i”. That’s just about it. To say that this is a trademark infringement is too naïve a move by Apple.”

Hyundai also clarified that they would be fighting it out against Apple in court and are in no mood to fulfill Apple’s demand to sell all Hyundai cars preinstalled with iTunes as a means of compensation.

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